PARCC testing for students in grades 3 through 8 will begin in full next week, with a few small groups of students in grades 6-8 getting started this Thursday. Students will be taking English Language Arts tests for the first two weeks of the window, and then they will be taking Math tests for the last two weeks, leading up to Spring Break on April 7. Each student will take 3 ELA tests and 3 to 4 Math tests (1 test per day for the vast majority of students), depending on the grade level, during the window. Our staff has worked diligently to develop a schedule that ensures instructional time, including our arts enrichment time, is protected for our students and staff, a priority we take seriously. 

Please see this letter from the district stating why the district administers the PARCC assessment. At the school level, I have met with teacher teams to review our PARCC student performance data. While there is much to be improved in how this data is presented to schools, we could clearly identify strengths and areas of opportunity across our school and make informed arguments for how the data presented to us could be improved to make our analysis even stronger. Additionally, the more exposure students have to PARCC questions, the better we are as a school in assessing our school-wide and individual student needs. In looking at our curricula PK though 8th grade, our teachers align their daily learning objectives to the Common Core State Standards. PARCC questions echo the types of tasks that our teachers craft for your students every day. Students successfully responding to PARCC questions helps get us closer as a school towards mastery of the Common Core State Standards.

If I can help answer any questions or concerns regarding PARCC testing at Solomon, please email me at or call me at 773-534-5226. 

Have a good night,

Chris Gamble
Principal, Solomon Elementary