Dear Solomon Family--

This afternoon (Wednesday, August 31) at about 3:50, one of our staff members, whose child attends a neighboring childcare center, received a notice from her child's school that it was going into a hard lockdown due to a perceived threat in the community. 

Because of this reported threat, I made the decision to initiate our soft lockdown ("Code Yellow"), which keeps students in the building and visitors out of the building until we could verify the threat. We were able to get verbal confirmation from the CPD 17th District that there was no threat at this time, and I then gave the "all clear" call to all rooms. Dismissal started 7-8 minutes later than usual as a result. Officers from the 17th District stayed parked on Hamlin through the dismissal process. 

At no point was there an imminent threat to our students or staff. I initiated this in an abundance of caution.

For more information about our safety protocols, I encourage you to review this bulletin, which has been linked in our newsletter the past few weeks.

I want to thank our students and staff for being ready. I want to thank you for your concern for all of our students and staff. Safety is my number one priority as a school leader, and I am grateful that we all keep each other safe. Please reach out to me with any of your concerns or questions. 

In partnership,

Chris Gamble


Hannah G. Solomon Elementary School

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