Dear Solomon Family--

On September 21, we will have our annual Curriculum Night at 6pm. Curriculum Night is an opportunity to learn about the academic and social-emotional goals of the year from your child's teachers. This year's event will have an in-person and a virtual component. More information will be shared in our next newsletter. We look forward to partnering with you, either in-person or virtually next week!

This week we will host our first Local School Council meeting of the academic year (Tuesday, 5:30). This year's meetings will be held in our library, and members of our community are invited to join us every month. The year's meeting schedule can be found on our community calendar (

Last, if your child is going to be absent, we ask that you call the main office (773-534-5226, option 2). Phone calls are helping us follow up with families about the return to in-person learning protocol. An email is not considered a valid submission and will not be accepted to excuse an absence. When leaving a phone message for our main office on your child's absence, please include the following:

  1. Student first and last name
  2. The date of your child's absence
  3. If not a full day absence, the length of time for the absence
  4. The reason for the absence
  5. Your full name (you must be listed as a parent or legal guardian in the student's records)
  6. Your contact number

As a reminder, here is the district's list of excused absences.

In partnership,

Chris Gamble
Hannah G. Solomon Elementary School
Solomon News and Updates
We are excited to announce that Ms. Lindsay Kobus is joining us as our new 5th grade homeroom teacher in Room 112. Please click here for her letter of introduction, and be sure to give her a warm welcome!

In other staff news, meet Solomon's Related Service Providers (clinicians) that will be supporting Solomon students and staff this year.

Parents and community members interested in volunteering at Solomon this year should go to the volunteer registration website. Level 1 volunteers will be required to provide proof of vaccination before being allowed to volunteer. Volunteers must email a copy of their vaccination card or immunization records to our main office, in addition to completing the application on the website. Please read the "Volunteer Policy" tab to see the difference between Level.1 and Level 2 volunteers. 

CPS Score Update: Solomon will be fielding a 5th/6th grade Girls Volleyball team this fall with our coaches, Mrs. Tamborino and Mrs. Mulholland. Last Thursday the coaches shared with the team the practice schedule. Go get 'em, Cougars!

We were not able to field any other CPS Score teams this fall due to low enrollment. More sports will be offered in the winter, including basketball.

An important reminder regarding parking and the streets surrounding Solomon for pick-up and drop-off. We are seeing a number of families attempt to drop off their child(ren) by double-parking on Avers, which is not safe. Please follow the directions below:

  • The staff lot off of Avers is closed to parents, starting at 8:30am and through 4:30pm. We have students coming in and out of the doors adjacent to the lot during those times, which is why we limit traffic.
  • Because traffic can be thick on Avers and Hamlin during morning drop-off, we recommend parking on a side street and walking a block to escort your child to their assigned door.
  • There is no "kiss and ride" on either Avers or Hamlin, meaning that for your child to exit the car, you will need to park your car and safely escort them across the street.
  • Parents are not permitted to park on the school-side of Avers during morning drop-off or afternoon pick-up, due to buses using that side of the street for student transportation. The only exception is for parents of students in our cluster program that are parking for less than 5 minutes for student drop-off or pick-up; in those case, please put your blinkers on and park as close to the ends of the street as possible to ensure space for our buses.
  • Please be safe and courteous out there! Peter the Cougar would want you to be respectful and to demonstrate teamwork :)

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with our friends from J at School for before and after school care at Solomon this coming year. We are anticipating that before school care will available from 7-9am, and after school care will be offered from 4-6pm, with drop-off and pick-up at Door #6.

J at School is our partner for before and after school care, each day between 7-9am and 4-6pm. For more information and to sign up, click here.

Solomon spirit wear purchases can be made through our partner, Squadlocker. Check out unique Solomon gear here.

Student fees are returning for the 2021-2022 school year, after we did not collect any fees last year due to the pandemic. For one child, the fee will be $90. With discounts for additional children, the fees for families with two or three children are $150 or $210, respectively. 100% of fees go into instructional materials for your child. For more information about the fees and how you can pay them, please click here.

Check out our daily breakfast and lunch menus at Breakfast and lunch is available to all students, Pre-K through 8th grade, free of charge, every day.

Supply lists for the 2021-2022 school year can be found here.

Please take a moment and review the medical requirements for 2021-2022 school year by clicking here.

The Student Health Forms Booklet includes all the forms that parents and caregivers must complete for their students at the beginning of the year. New forms are required to be completed each year. The booklet includes the Student Medical Information Form which informs the school of any chronic conditions a student may have; Vision and Dental Consent Forms for vision or dental exams; Emergency Contact Form; Media Release Form; and School Messaging Form which allows schools to notify parents via phone or email through the automated system. You can print out the documents (English and Spanish) and either scan and email the completed forms to Mrs. Tamborino at, return them to our main office, or return them to the secure lockbox outside of Door #1.
Attendance and COVID-19 Protocols
  • Before coming to school each day, please self-administer these questions and folllow the directions based on your responses.

  • Please return your signed Student COVID-19 Self-Certification Attestation form to the main office if you haven't done so. The form asks parents to promise that you will self-administer screener questions every morning and keep your child home in case they would not pass that screener. .

  • Students can sign up for in-school COVID-19 testing here, and you can learn more about the testing program here. This testing is required for students in grades 5-8 that are unvaccinated and participate in the CPS Score after-school sports programming.

Solomon Calendar
We have developed a year-long Solomon calendar (here) for community events, including open houses, school tours, coffees with the principal, LSC meetings, and more. This list will continue to be updated. You can always see these events on the community calendar at our school website,

September 14: Local School Council meeting, 5:30 (library)

September 21: Curriculum Night, 6:00 (homeroom classrooms and virtual)
Community Corner
The Chicago Industrial Arts and Design Center is offering after school classes in Casting & Molding, CNC Fabrication, Metalworking & Forging and Woodworking starting the week of September 13. These classes are FREE to CPS students in grades 6-12 and are part of our Youth Pathways Program, designed to support interests, skills and career pathways in STEM, Trades and Art/Design as they are applied through industrial arts processes. For more info, click here.

State Senator Ram Villivalam's office has partnered with the Bernard Horowitz JCC in Chicago (3003 W. Touhy Ave.), NorthShore Clinical Labs, and other elected officials to offer free COVID-19 testing on a more permanent basis. For more details, click here..
In case you missed it...
Enjoying outdoor recess in the "U", our garden area.
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