Dear Solomon Family--

Another day, another update! Apologies for another mid-week email, but there are two surveys that I wanted to get out to our community.

Parent-Teacher Conferences on November 17

For next month's parent-teacher conference day, the district has announced that parents will have the opportunity to attend either in-person or virtually. As we wrap our head around how to schedule our day, I have created a short survey that I would like each household to complete by November 1 at noon. Your answers to the questions will help us effectively schedule that day.

  • One important note for families considering attending in-person: Due to social distancing requirements and enhanced cleaning procedures in place as a result of COVID-19, only one adult from the household will be permitted to attend in-person, and students will not be permitted to attend. If that does not work with your childcare needs, then please be sure to state your preference for a virtual conference.


For information on our costume and snack requirements, as well as tomorrow's Pre-K to 2nd grade parade, click here.

The parade will be outside, weather pending, and families are invited to join us to view the parade. If you do come to our parade, you must maintain social distance between each other and with students by staying at the curb. Thanks for helping to keep our community safe!

The paraders will leave via Door #1, travel north on Hamlin, west on Rosemont, and then south on Avers, continuing on to their visit to the convent.

If there is a cancellation due to weather, which is a possibility due to the forecast, I will send an email update no later than 12:15pm tomorrow.

Out of School Time: Before and After-School Clubs

We still need another day or two to iron out some details, and the plan is to share club information in the next newsletter. We are going to have some great options--Drama and Computer Science, among others--so be on the lookout!

In partnership,

Chris Gamble
Hannah G. Solomon Elementary School