Dear Solomon Family--

We are so grateful to our families that have shared the love this week--notes of gratitude, pictures, purchased breakfasts and lunches, and more. We have a few more purchased lunches and breakfasts this week, which we will surely enjoy.

As everyone knows, education, probably more than any other field, has been dramatically impacted by the pandemic, and teachers and staff are on the front line every day, trying to navigate this new normal while keeping our children front and center. It has been a hard few years for all of us in education, and I am in awe of our staff for their ability to keep student growth as the priority.

If you were thinking that you wanted to contribute to our staff appreciation week but were not sure how to do, we have a number of teachers that have Amazon Wish Lists or Donors Choose programs to help fund items for their rooms. You can find the links to those wish lists here. If you are interested and able to contribute, I invite you to do so.

In partnership,

Chris Gamble
Hannah G. Solomon Elementary School