Dear Parents and Community--

Update (5pm, October 27): Unfortunately classes are once again cancelled tomorrow, October 28, due to the strike. A couple of additional notes:

  • Teachers and staff have been unable to receive emails to their CPS accounts during the break. If you have reached out to any of them, those emails have bounced and the staff will not receive them. Once the strike is over, those accounts will be re-activated.

  • I am keeping the school calendar as is, for now, as we do not know whether dates will be made up at this time. I will keep everyone updated, once we know about whether dates will be made up, how that impacts some of our upcoming school and district events (graduation, report card pick-up, end of quarter dates, etc.).

  • Bringing it back to the kids: I'm hopeful that we will resume with school this week, and if so, Halloween is Thursday! We allow (even encourage!) students to dress up for Halloween, and here are our guidelines for participation, if you choose to:

  • Nut-free candy can be brought to school for trick-or-treat purposes. Students will exchange candy, healthier snacks alternatives, or trinkets (pencils, etc.) during a classroom trick-or-treat. Teachers will seal the bags after distribution so that students do not eat treats during the school day. This ensures that parents have discretion over what their child eats. There will not be any in-school consumption of treats. We will also kindly remind students not to litter on the playground after school.
  • Parade schedule: AM PK through Grade 2 @ 9:30, PM PK @ 1:30. If a class is hosting a party, it should be held in the last academic period of the day; Essentials classes will not be cancelled that day.
  • Parents can come to take pictures of the parade from the lobby outside of the main office, and teachers have the discretion to invite parents to any classroom parties. NOTE: Parents that want to come into the school to observe or participate in party must have completed a volunteer application. Please go to and register as a Level II volunteer prior to 10/31 so that you can be confirmed.
  • On costumes:
  • Students should either wear their costume all day or have a costume they can put on themselves so that teachers are not required to assist.
  • All costumes must be school-appropriate, which includes no masks, toy weapons, and fake blood.
  • For any other class-specific information that is shared, such as whether there is a classroom party, classroom teachers will reach out directly via email or "kid mail" (once the strike is over).

Update (5pm, October 24): Classes are once again cancelled tomorrow, October 25, due to the strike. I did not see anything in the official communications about this weekend's volleyball match being cancelled, but at this point I would assume that is the case.

For our 8th graders that were planning on attending high school open houses, many of them have been rescheduled. For example, Northside College Prep's open house will now be on November 3 from 10am-1pm. Please check the high school's website for more information.

If you are looking for childcare options, please see the updates below for where you can find that information.

Update (6pm, October 23): Good evening, again. Once again classes are cancelled tomorrow, October 24, due to the strike.

Additionally, we have decided to postpone our evening at Alarmist Brewery, originally scheduled for tomorrow, until a date where we can have our whole Solomon community available. We will share the new date for the event at Alarmist in the near future.

Again, thank you for your patience.

Update (7pm, October 22): Good evening. We were once again notified late this afternoon that classes, including before and after school activities, are cancelled for Wednesday, October 23. Please see below for information on child care options, and please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any concerns that you have. Thank you to those of you who have shared kind thoughts.

Update (4pm, October 21): The district notified us this afternoon that classes are once again cancelled on Tuesday, October 22, as the strike continues. As soon as additional information becomes available for upcoming days, we will be sure to share. In the meantime, thank you for your patience as this plays out.

Update (6pm, October 20): The district notified us this evening that classes are once again cancelled on Monday, October 21, as the strike continues. Please see below for information on child care options; you can also find more information at

Update (7pm, October 17): The district notified us this evening that classes are once again cancelled for Friday, October 18, as the strike continues. In addition to all before and after school programming cancelled for Friday, all weekend events in the district (open houses at CPS high schools, our 7/8 Girls Volleyball game) are cancelled as well.

As a reminder, you can go to the website below for information about sites where you can take students during the strike.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time. We will continue to share information as it becomes available.

The rest of the email below restates what has been shared before and is still applicable...
Update (8am, October 17): Classes are cancelled for October 17. When we know more about Friday, October 18, we will be sure to share. Please see the CPS "Frequently Asked Questions" document for additional information.

As a reminder, the only entrance that will be open for entry and dismissal today is Door #1 on Hamlin.

As many of you are aware, the Chicago Teachers Union and the Service Employees International Union Local 73 have announced the decision to set a strike date for tomorrow, October 17th, if they are unable to agree to a new contract with the district. We hope for a resolution that is mutually beneficial to all parties.

Should a strike occur, all classes, before care, after care, and extracurricular activities in the district will be cancelled. Students may report to Chicago Public Libraries throughout the city, in addition to Chicago Public School buildings through the duration of the strike. Students can go to any school location that is appropriate for their age and grade level during that school's regular school day hours. These contingency sites will include daily non-instructional supervision, as well as meal services. Currently, Mr. Gamble is the only assigned staff member to supervise any students that arrive at Solomon, though we may be assigned additional staff from the district's central office. My responsibility will be to keep students safe and secure in the building, as well as fed, during the duration of the strike.

For those families who do not have an alternative option for care or to find the most convenient library or school site for your family, visit Students attending a contingency site should sign-up in advance at the above website using their student ID number (student ID numbers can be found in Parent Portal). 

If your child will be coming to Solomon during the strike, the only door that will be used for entry or dismissal is Door #1 on Hamlin.

School days missed for a strike do not count as school attendance days, and therefore do not count into the attendance record. 

Please follow the local news for any updates on the anticipated strike, and I will be sure to share any updates that come along.

Thank you for your continued support of Solomon Elementary.

In partnership,

Chris Gamble
Hannah G. Solomon Elementary School