Dear Solomon Families--

This evening, families in the K-8th grade general education program received an email and/or text from the district about completing a form on whether or not your child will be returning to Solomon for in-person instruction. Please complete this form no later than December 7, 2020.

These forms are personalized for each family, and Solomon cannot re-send a form to you. If you do not receive a form, you can call the main office at 773-534-5226 between 9am-4pm to give us your response, which we can submit on your behalf.

Families in our Pre-K and cluster programs had previously completed this form in October. If you would like to change your response, please contact the main office at 773-534-5226 between 9am-4pm so that we can collect that information.

Under the current timeline, Pre-K and cluster program students may be returning to classes on January 11, 2020, five days per week. Students in grades K-8 (non-cluster program) may be returning to classes on February 1, 2021. The current projection is that our K-8 grade students would return to the building twice a week under the hybrid model of instruction.

For more information, please visit the district's school re-opening page.

Take care, and stay safe,

Chris Gamble
Hannah G. Solomon Elementary School