Dear Solomon Families--

We are excited to welcome back to Solomon tomorrow our K-5 Pod B students. While we've had a strong start to the week with our K-5 Pod A returning a few days ago, there are a few things that we want to share with our returning students to help make the return more successful and less stressful:

  • Please review this letter, if you haven't done so already. It details different entry times and locations for ALL classrooms. We have staggered entry times between 9:00-9:10 at each door to make sure that pods from different grade levels don't mix.

  • Similarly, at the end of the day, dismissal times are staggered at each door between 3:50-4:00. Please help us keep students from mixing pods by picking your child up on time. So far, we've had only one late pick-up, but we need that to be zero in order to minimize any potential contact between pods.

  • The health screener needs to be taken for each student every day. If you are not receiving a personalized text for each day your child is in attendance that contains a link to the screener, please call our main office for assistance. Even without the link, you can always complete the screener at, and you will need to enter your child's CPS email address and birthdate. Lastly, please be truthful when completing the screener.

  • Between the staggered entry times and the health screener checks, entry is much slower than it has been in the past. If you arrive after 9:15, please come straight to Door #1.

  • If your child is feeling sick, PLEASE keep them at home for the safety of all students and staff. Students have the option to learn from home when they are not feeling well. If a student comes to school and exhibits any COVID-19 symptoms, they will be sent to the care room and then picked up by a parent. Students who are sent home after being in the care room are required to provide a doctor's note or negative COVID test clearing them for return.

  • Please review, print, sign, and return the student and parent pledges. These behaviors will help keep our students and staff safe, and everyone contributes to our success!

I am so excited to see some more Cougars tomorrow! Take care, and stay safe!

Chris Gamble
Hannah G. Solomon Elementary School