Solomon ESL Program


  • Chicago Public Schools (CPS) offer support to students who are second language learners through bilingual programs sponsored by the Office of Language and Cultural Education.

    All families who enter CPS are required to fill out a home language survey indicating the presence of a language other than English in their home. If there is one, students are required to take an English language proficiency test. This determines whether or not they require assistance from a bilingual program.

    The English as a Second Language (ESL) program is responsible for meeting the needs of second language learners. In an immersion setting, newcomers and/or more adept English Language Learners (ELLs) also work to acquire English Language Proficiency. 

    The program serves students for a minimum of three years, not including kindergarten. Each year, students take a standardized test (the ACCESS test), until they reach a minimum score showing proof of English language proficiency. Students continue taking this yearly test until the minimum score is attained. Test scores and the amount of time spent in the program determine if students exit the ESL program. Students with special needs are exited from the program only if the IEP team, including parents, agrees to do so.

    Families of bilingual students are asked to support their children by attending four Bilingual Advisory Committee (BAC) meetings per school year. The BAC offers parents an opportunity to ask questions, voice concerns, and meet others with similar needs. 

    Parents may contact the school at (773) 534-5226 for further information.