Chinese World Language

April, 2017

Dear Parents:

Our kindergarten students have learned to name the weather, nature, and the activities related to each season. They read, identify and write the Chinese numbers up to 60. They do very well telling stories from pictured posters. In the fourth quarter, our kindergarten students will learn to write basic Chinese characters. They will learn the stories behind each of these Chinese characters. This will enhance students’ understanding of the Chinese characters development. Chinese children’s songs, rhymes, and games will be incorporated into the lessons.

The 1st grade students have been practicing conversation in Chinese. It is fun for them to converse with each other in Chinese. They love to play the Chinese number game. They can listen and identify the correct numbers up to 100. They also made a simple project and presented oral report about the colors they like. Our first grade students will take a Chinese REACH Performance test in May as required by CPS. I am confident that they will do well.

Our students in the 2nd grade have learned the Days of the Week and the Months of the Year. They can present information about their telephone number and birthday. They can express special activities they do each day. They can read paragraph that is written in Chinese and can identify and understand the words very well upon listening.

Both our 3rd grade and 4th grade students have learned to conduct dialogue regarding leisure activities, travel, and transportation. They can read and decode Chinese written characters. They make excellent progress in decoding Chinese words. In the fourth quarter, they will learn to use time word to indicate when and where they do some activities.

The 5th grade students have been practicing conversation about shopping for fruits and clothing. Their listening skills have improved greatly. They have also made good progress in reading Chinese paragraphs fluently. In the upcoming quarter, they will learn about communities, travel, geography and Chinese history.

Our 6th grade students have learned to describe about their home. They can present information regarding the various rooms and the furniture. They have learned the special language structures that are associated with the descriptions of a house/home.

The 7th grade students have learned about the major cities in China. They researched and created a project with information regarding population, education, local special products, ethnic groups, and food. In the upcoming quarter, they will learn the four seasons and weather in major cities in China and compare that weather in the major cities in the U.S.

The 8th grade students have been practicing presentational speaking about the content in their backpack. They have also learned the special measured words for classroom objects. We will learn about ancient and modern Chinese history, the inventions, and the recent development of technologies in China as compare to the U.S.

Enjoy the wonderful spring weather. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

R. Chan

Chinese World Language Teacher